Website Launch | Sonoma Harvest

I can totally get on board with this whole “new year, new website launch” thing! Back in October of 2016, when I was very pregnant, I was introduced to Allison and her team at Sonoma Harvest.


Website Launch | NorCal KTM Bikes

As the curtain closed on 2017, I spent some time working with Bill & Matt over at NorCal KTM Bikes to get their new website launched. This was a fun project, in particular because I know working with these guys is easy and always a pleasure, and the website they needed gave me a chance […]


Website Launch | Saucin’ Sauces

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of working with the #SAUCIN Sauces family and helping them create a website for their barbecue sauce company.


Website Launch | Wine Women & Shoes

This website launch is a bit of a two-for-one, in that this was the first WordPress Multisite install that I have launched for a client, which means multiple websites, all managed by one neat and tidy backend CMS. It makes my OCD very happy. Originally, the ladies at Wine, Women & Shoes approached me about […]


Website Launch | Bragg Vineyards

I have been waiting to share the launch of the Bragg Vineyards site and I’m so excited to see it live! I’m loving the way the design turned out! Bragg Vineyards is a small (only about 125 cases annually) cabernet sauvignon producer in Calistoga and needed to get an online store up and running, in […]


Website Launch | Napa High Athletic Hall of Fame

This website launch of the redesigned site was a long time coming. I created the original (and first) Napa High Hall of Fame website back in 2005, I think? So you can see how overdue it was. We needed a better way to search members, find info about the scholarship program, and just plain update […]


Website Launch | Purple Heart Wines

I have been meaning to post this for a while, as the Purple Heart Wines website launched a few months ago, but then there was that whole, “we’re having a baby” thing, which led me to want to take on more projects now (while I’m feeling good) and, long story short, here we are. But […]


Brand Identity | Napa High Athletic Hall of Fame

It’s been a while since I had a brand identity project and this one was a long time coming– 20 years coming. I’ve been volunteering with the Napa High Athletic Hall of Fame for a number of years but their 20th anniversary required some extra love, in the form of a new logo! We’d been […]

Napa High Hall of Fame_logo-CLCreative