Our last night in Italy

Honestly, I don’t know what my deal is these days. Somehow, ever since getting back home to California, I’ve been too busy to post anything. Seriously?! I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t remember having 24/7 appointments/parties/obligations since we’ve returned. At any rate, here are the photos I’ve been meaning to post from our last night in Italy (disclaimer: apparently I thought playing amateur food photographer would be cool, so pardon the results of that adventure).

Again, special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. R for not only letting us stay with them in Bergeggi, but also hosting a fantastic send off party Ferragosto celebration.

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    1. […] July: We finished Dave’s first year with a celebratory road trip around France. We cruised the whole country as best we could in ten days, before meeting up with his parents in Nice, en route to Italy. Once in Italy, our lives basically consisted of laying on the beach and cooling off in the Mediterranean. I got really tan . I got to catch up with an old friend while enjoying the Tuscan countryside and we had some amazing meals with family friends. […]

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