Meet Me in the Middle

Looking down on Duomo of Conegliano

Earlier last week, I met my cousin, who lives in Venice, in the city of Conegliano…it’s about halfway between Udine and Venice and known for its bubbles. I’d been meaning to check it out and with our departure date back to the States now set, I’m having that panicky, “travel-as-much-as-possible-before-leaving-even-though-you’ll-never-cross-everything-off-your-list” feeling. But between Udine’s geography […]

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Celebrating Friuli

Friuli-DOC 2014

This weekend was Friuli DOC, la più grande rassegna enogastronomica regionale, or, “the largest food and wine festival in the region” and we’d been looking forward to this since we’d heard about it months ago. We didn’t, however, have any idea it would be as large as it was! Shame on us for underestimating! Each […]

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Verona in a Day

Giardino Giusti // Verona

Before fall officially arrives and the grapes come calling, we decided to take another day trip; this time to Verona. While it’s only three hours away by train, train times are not great, which meant we left the house at 6:30am for the 7am train. Ouch. It hurt even more when our train to Venice […]

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Day-trippin’ to Gorizia

When we mention to anyone that Dave is studying in Italy, most times, it conjures up images of reading a textbook from a balcony overlooking the Tuscan countryside, or squeezing in gondola rides between exams or some other romantic notion of Italy. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it could be like that. Alas, we […]

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August in Italy


It’s already mid-August here in Italy and so incredibly quiet around town. August is vacation month in Italy— everyone takes time off and stores are closed per ferie, or, for summer holiday. It’s not uncommon for most stores (of the mom-and-pop variety, which still make up the majority of the neighborhood) to shut down for […]

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