Ackerman Napa Valley

  • WordPress site integration with WineDirect winery e-commerce
  • Newsletter signup that flows directly to CRM
  • Cross-platform customer account area for better user experience
  • Clear presentation of offerings

The team at Ackerman Family Vineyards offers elevated experiences and was in a need of a website that matched the brand. The previous iteration of the website made it tricky for club members and guests to find their way around, ultimately costing them potential sales, so the goal with the new design was intuitive nav and flow, with an opulent feel. Using their signature gold color as a base for my palette, I was able to create a homepage and interior page templates that offer a clear path for customers. They enlisted the help of a fantastic photographer so I was fortunate to have some excellent photos with which to work. I custom-coded some image widgets for the WordPress site, to allow more instances of these images to be shared that kept the design style cohesive.

I also designed a new WineDirect e-commerce site to match the core WordPress site, allowing for a more seamless experience, again focusing on ease of navigation for customers. Integrating WineDirect with WordPress allowed me to take advantage of their winery e-commerce services, while still offering expanded customization not available through WineDierct’s CMS. With cohesive design on both platforms, there is a clear account area on both sites, allowing members to easily manage their wine selections and shipments, making the experience of wine purchases more straightforward.

I’m so pleased with how the site ended up and feel confident that this online home will better support the AFV initiatives going forward.