Napa Firewise

  • WordPress Multisite installation
  • Members-Only database for emergency services
  • Email newsletter integration

With the prevalence of wildfires on the rise in our area, there has been a more immediate need for resources for safeguarding and prevention. While the Napa Communities Firewise Foundation (Napa Firewise) website was rich with resources, the design and layout were outdated and not user- or Google-friendly.

By migrating the site into WordPress, we could better display the valuable information provided to the community by the NCFF, as well unite all of the Fire Safe Councils operating under the Napa Firewise umbrella. Along with those features, we also launched an emergency database, which collects vital information for first-responders in the event of an emergency.

We also added search engine-friendly URLs and some basic SEO implementation to aid in the Napa community’s search for information and then extended those features to those Fire Safe Councils choosing to create their own chapter website under the auspices of Napa Firewise, helping to make each neighborhood a little more prepared for a wildfire emergency.