Tres Sabores

  • Updated design to allow for more flexibility
  • Integration with Commerce7, winery-focused POS and e-commerce platform
  • Dynamic recipe archive for increased user experience and SEO value
  • Design and development of multiple page templates for content on the site
  • Design and development of Commerce7 templates, including products, wine club and customer account management
  • Customizable age-gate for alcoholic brand

While the switch in e-commerce platforms was the impetus for the website update, in discussing how the Tres Sabores team was using their website, we were able to include improved methods for driving traffic to their website through existing marketing efforts. For example, we created dynamic recipes and moving away from static PDF versions allows for better responsive design, as well as better crawlability for search engines. Additionally, we added a dynamic events calendar and removed PDF invitations in favor of HTML-based invitations that keep with the brand’s look and feel.