Napa Barrel Care


It’s Tuesday so it’s the perfect time to share this website launch, as I’m loving how clean and professional the design turned out (if I do say so myself!)

Mike Blom, owner of Napa Barrel Care is a good family friend and this project was especially fun, because Mike gave me some basic direction (fresh, clean, professional…) then turned me loose to design the update to his website.

The end result was a crisp look that was, of course, responsive/mobile-ready (gotta keep Google happy) and incorporated some of Mike’s gorgeous photos. (Did I mention he is a pretty awesome photog? Check out the photo on his about page for one of my favorite shots of the Napa Riverfront.)

Not only does the new site make it easy for potential customers to see what Napa Barrel Care can do for them, it also makes it easier for current customers to arrange for cellar work, lab analysis and more, with an online form they can submit directly to the team at Napa Barrel Care. (Anything we can do to make a winemaker’s life a little easier this time of year.) So let’s raise a glass to the new Napa Barrel Care!