Silverado Cooking School


As I was winding down work for maternity leave a few weeks ago, I was trying to wrap up a website launch or two before Baby Sister showed up and I was so excited to see this one go live for Silverado Cooking School. For starters, they have amazing photos which increases the design tenfold. I say this all the time, but I could have the same design with subpar photos and the impact just isn’t the same. Quality imagery is worth the investment, I say. And I’m a sucker for some good food photography.

Secondly, it’s a website about food. Specifically how to make amazing food. I think we all know that I love to eat. I’m pretty certain food is my love language. Plus, I enjoy cooking (you know, back when I had time for such things, ha!).

The goal with this site was to create something aesthetically pleasing with the gorgeous imagery provided, while making it easy to sign up for a cooking class or request a private event. From a technical standpoint, we also needed some streamlining of the class listings in the calendar and purchasing process. There were some other feature requests that I also set up to make it easier not only for potential students of the school, but also the team at Silverado Cooking School.

For the design, I came up with three distinct options, each showcasing the photos, and therefor what the cooking school was all about, in various ways. Ultimately, we landed on the below design, of which I’m loving. The layout, the colors, the coding that no one but nerds like me care about…all of it came together to create a site I was proud to have in my portfolio.