St. Helena Catholic Church

In need of a new online home, St. Helena Catholic Church approached me about designing a website where parishioners and guests could easily access Church information. The number one request for the design was that the content needed to be presented in a manner that was clean and inviting, without feeling too rigid or outdated.

The site proved to be one my biggest, from a content-perspective. There was a lot of valuable info to be included, and to that end, the fonts were selected to allow for easy reading. In addition to the informational content, we also added Father’s Weekly Reflections in a blog format, allowing more of the parishioners to access this resource that was previously only available in hard copy format. Using WordPress also allows the staff at the Church to add or edit content and images, arrange menu items as needed, and create Church events for the website, all within a unique, clean design that conveys a welcoming feel.

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