Fortezza Diversified Services

In January 2017, after spending valuable time and resources working with an experienced web designer, I found that the website that had been constructed was essentially in “ruins,” resulting in my termination of our working relationship. I went on to receive a recommendation and I also did my own research, subsequently contacting Colleen LeMasters at CL Creative. In meeting with Colleen, some of the first things I noticed were her down to earth nature, effective communication style and a pleasant but obvious sense of self-confidence. As I reviewed her portfolio I was struck by her creativity, coherent themes and beautiful end product. Colleen is truly a collaborator and with her advice, I was able to save money, improve content and make informed decisions. I was especially thankful that Colleen had the fortitude to disagree with me at times and she tactfully shared her opinions. The nature of my profession as a former law enforcement officer and current private investigator was not consistent with Colleen’s prior web design projects, yet she conducted her own research educating herself and she was able to provide valuable input. Perhaps the most remarkable of Colleen’s personal and professional traits is that she takes a sincere interest in her clients and their business needs and she does not settle for mediocrity. While I had suffered some financial loss from working with the first web designer, Colleen was very cognizant of these issues and she came in on budget. She was also patient, friendly, attentive and a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend Colleen for your web design and marketing consultation needs. I already have other projects planned with her.

Andy Mazzanti, Principal
Fortezza Diversified Services, LLC