Website Insurance: Ultimate Package

From: $185.00 / month

On a weekly basis, CLC will:

  • Update WordPress core files
  • Update WordPress plugins
  • Perform full site backups (files and database)
  • Optimize the WordPress database
  • Perform plugin audits
  • Monitor your website through Google Search Console
  • Perform a visual validation to ensure site is functioning after updates

In addition to these weekly services, your site will be set up with image optimization, static file compression, and caching for ultra-fast loading, to increase speed, performance, and SEO.

Added bonus for clients with CLC-designed sites: premium plugin costs are covered.

From time to time when designing your custom website, I may employ the use of a premium plugin to achieve optimal functionality. These premium plugins frequently come with an annual fee in order to access the most up-to-date versions and this is always discussed before purchasing. When you choose the Ultimate packagethose fees are covered for as long as you continue your Ultimate package.

With the Ultimate package, you can also rest assured knowing that any patches and fixes will be applied as part of your plan at no additional charge.

Please note: due to licensing, the cost of premium plugins installed by other designers are not included in this plan.



Your website was created using WordPress, which requires regular software updates that address known vulnerabilities. The most common method for hackers to gain access is through outdated files. By keeping your core files, plugins, and other files up to date, we can keep your site safe and running at an optimum level.

In addition to proactive security, it’s also important to create regular backups, in the event that the site is ever hacked or your hosting fails, as well as perform regular database cleanups. This maintenance will keep your database lean, boost website load times, and ensure that your visitors have a superior user experience.

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