Content Updates

For those clients who prefer to leave the updating to me, I also offer content management services. Under your direction, I’ll make sure your website is consistent with your current objectives.

WordPress Conversions

Have you outgrown your current website but still like the look? I can rework your existing design into something more functional that allows you an expanded set of features.

Website Insurance

Let’s make sure your website is secure and speedy. Regular optimizations through database cleanup, image and file compression as well as regular backups will boost load times and ensure a superior user experience.

Website Accessibility

Making sure your website is accessible to all users goes beyond laws and regulation. It’s the right thing to do! But it’s also good customer service. By providing an accessible experience, you will not only meet legal requirements, you will also expand your potential customer base.

The Process

To begin, I need to know a little bit about your business. Communication is key, so I usually like to set up a meeting— in person if possible, but I’m no stranger to Zoom, so it’s whatever is most convenient for you. During the meeting, we will go over your objectives for the project in detail.

Following this, I will write up a proposal based on our initial meeting. This will outline the services I will be providing, details of what the project entails, estimated timeframe, and the cost. If it all looks good, I’ll send over an agreement for you to sign and an invoice for a deposit, then I hit the ground running!

Depending on the type of project we’re working on, I will spend some time sketching and researching. Once I’m completely confident in my results, we’ll schedule some time to review the first-round results. From there, we’ll work together to tweak and perfect the project until you’re 100% satisfied.