Website Insurance Plans

Let’s optimize and secure your website

Your WordPress website needs regular updates to patch vulnerabilities and prevent hacker access via outdated files. Regular updates and backups keep your site secure and running smoothly, crucial in case of hacks, hosting failures, or catastrophic updates. Optimizing your site is key to faster load times, improving your search engine ranking, and retaining visitors who demand quick access to your content.

Together, these regular efforts will boost website load times while ensuring that your database is lean and visitors have a superior user experience.

Colleen LeMasters Creative offers insurance plans that will take care of this maintenance for you.

On a weekly basis, CLC will:

  • Update WordPress core files
  • Update WordPress plugins
  • Perform full site backups (files and database) monthly
  • Monitor your website through Google Search Console
  • Perform a visual validation to ensure site is functioning after updates
  • Employ security strategies including brute force protection, file change detection and malware scans

Should any incompatibilities arise during updates, fixes and patches will be completed for an additional charge and will be discussed before any work takes place.

Looking for an all-inclusive plan? Check out the Ultimate level which includes fixes for incompatibilities at no additional charge. The Ultimate level also includes weekly, full site backups and your site will be set up with image optimization, static file compression, and caching for ultra-fast loading, to increase speed, performance, and SEO.

Running an online store?

In the dynamic world of online sales, ensuring the security of your sales history, customer information, and web content through daily backups is paramount. Specially designed for ecommerce platforms, the Ecommerce level plan is vital for businesses handling extensive transactions and those consistently updating their site content. Beyond safeguarding your digital assets, it introduces comprehensive database optimization for online stores, enhancing site performance and loading speeds.

Website Insurance: Essential

Website Insurance: Ecommerce

Website Insurance: Ultimate

Questions about any of the plans or services included? Take a look at my Insurance FAQ or email me!