Why is it important to have a maintenance plan?

Regular updates and backups are an integral part of maintaining your website. Newer versions of WordPress offer more features and bug fixes, as well as security and performance improvements, so updating patches the vulnerability present in older versions. Updating to the latest version of WordPress also helps prevents hackers from inserting malicious code through outdated plugins. Backups are also key, in case your hosting provider fails in some regard, or if your website does become compromised.

I thought that the beauty of WordPress was that I can perform the updates myself?

Yep, that’s definitely true. You can certainly run these updates yourself, however WordPress updates can sometimes cause errors or conflict with other plugins you may be using. These conflicts can break the way your site functions or displays, which will negatively impact your user experience. Because all the websites built by Colleen LeMasters Creative are custom, it’s worth having a professional developer (that’s me!) manage this for you, so I can fix any problems right away. Think of this as an insurance policy for your custom-built website.

Do your maintenance plans cover websites that you didn’t design and build?

Absolutely! Every WordPress site has the same basic set of needs, making my maintenance plans suitable for any WordPress-based website.

Is there a maintenance contract?

Nope, you are free to cancel at anytime, but I do require two months notice before cancellation.

What’s included in your plans?

It depends on your package. For a closer look at each one, take a look at my maintenance plans.

What’s not included in any of the plans?

Not included in the plans are: content marketing, SEO, IT support (e.g. email issues), content (e.g. copywriting, photography/image sourcing, image editing, social media updates, etc.), or modification of site design. However, depending on your needs, I’m happy to design a custom plan that could include some of these features.

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