Welcome to my blog— where my professional and personal lives collide. I prefer to build a partnership with my clients, so it's important that you know the type of person with whom you'll be working and this will certainly shed some light on what I'm all about. I hope you enjoy my little slice of life!

Bologna: There for the Food


Emilia-Romagna is known for its foods and colorful markets and since Bologna is the capital, I was excited to visit. I’m going to be completely honest— my whole mission while visiting Bologna was to eat as much food as possible. And visit the markets. But mostly eating bolognese served in different forms. Tagliatelle, lasagne…if “insert-a-type-of-pasta-here alla bolognese” was on the menu, I was going to order it. Sadly, I didn’t even bother taking many photos of all the bolognese because I was that focused on tasting the deliciousness. But the added bonus of this trip was discovering the city of Bologna itself. The beautiful arcades that lined the streets, the feel of the history with […]

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Running Victory Formation


In (American) football, victory formation is used when the quarterback takes the snap and immediately kneels to the ground, ending the play on contact. Typically, it’s run when a team is winning and just needs the clock to run down, in order to preserve the win. After almost 26 months (!!) we are running victory formation in our household. Today is the day Dave presented and defended his thesis (and received an “A – Excellent” mark, I might add). He is now a Master of Viticulture and Enology. Today, we celebrate. I’ll write more about my thoughts on this whole adventure later, once I wrap my mind around the fact that it’s coming to an […]

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Saturdays in Parma


I mentioned that we kicked off our Italian road trip with a pasta-making class, which was awesome, but after our tasty learning experience, we headed to Bologna, which would also serve as our home base for exploring Parma. I should back up and mention that I had high hopes for this voyage. A few weeks prior to leaving, I had reached out to Parmesan cheese producers about a visit and sadly, didn’t hear back. Dashed were my hopes of running through the aisles of a Parmesan factory, flanked by huge rounds of delicious cheese (see here). I had also reached out to balsamic producers in Modena, but as it ended up, visiting wasn’t feasible after […]

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Pasta Making 101


Who better to teach us how to make pasta than the Italians? This was something I’d been dying to do since we had arrived. I even looked into enrolling in cooking school for visa purposes when we were getting ready to move here. But all of the schools were not cheap. As I was reading up on places we intended to go on our end-of-school Italian road trip, I found out about Casa Artusi in Forlimpopoli (in the province of Emilia-Romagna) and they offered classes that didn’t break the bank. Also included was tour of the area and history of the cooking school, which was offered in English. What I didn’t realize, however, was that […]

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Venetian Island Hopping

Burano, Italy

This perfect fall weather we’ve been enjoying called for an adventure and (more importantly) because Dave finished writing his thesis, we decided to explore some of the Venetian Islands on Saturday! We’d heard good things about Burano, a small island known for brightly-colored houses and lacework, so we set off to see for ourselves. After arriving in Venice, we got day passes for the vaporetti (small ferry boats) and hopped the nearest one headed in the direction of Burano Island. The vaporetto made two stops at Murano Island (home of the colorful glass), where we needed to transfer to get to Burano. For a second, we considered exploring Murano, but throngs of tourists had the […]

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Cooking My Way Through Italy – Emilia Romagna

Turkey Bolognese Sauce

Since Italy has such a wide range of cuisines, varying by region, I’ve decided that cooking my way through the country is the best way to discover them all. This week, I’m bringing Emilia Romagna to my kitchen. For a look at some of the other regions I’ve explored, read more in the series. Emilia Romagna might be my favorite region and I’ve never even been there. But, it’s the regional home of Parmigiano cheese, balsamic vinegar, and prosciutto di Parma (typically, what we as Americans know as regular ol’ prosciutto, but not to be confused with prosciutto di San Daniele, among others, here in Italy). So no mystery there as to why it’s my […]

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A few thoughts on goals

Don't Rush

We leave Europe one month from tomorrow. The end of our living here is near. So near that I somehow managed to lose a week and thought this week was the last of October. It is not (thank goodness) because I’m not ready. I mean, I am ready. Very ready…to see my family (I had a dream last night that, in addition to my new niece, my brother and sister-in-law had a set of twins in the time it took me to get home to California), to eat Mexican food, go to Target, take my food processor out of storage….a great many (and obviously very important) things. But I’m also not ready. I’m feeling like […]

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