Welcome to my blog— where my professional and personal lives collide. I prefer to build a partnership with my clients, so it's important that you know the type of person with whom you'll be working and this will certainly shed some light on what I'm all about. I hope you enjoy my little slice of life!

Website Launch | 192 Wines

192 Wines - a CL Creative site

I’m so excited to announce the website launch of 192 Wines! This project was completed to accompany a special wine label, benefitting the Pan-Mass Challenge. (If you haven’t heard about the Pan-Mass Challenge, you can learn more here, but it’s an annual 192-mile bike-a-thon that raises more money for charity than any other single athletic event in the country.) Of course, the site was designed to be responsive, something that is even more important now that Google is rewarding mobile-friendly websites with higher-ranking search results. The wine label for 192 wines reflects the Pan-Mass Challenge’s roots in Massachusetts and I wanted that to be apparent in the web design, too. Taking the imagery from the […]

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Last weekend, the family headed to Santa Cruz for a quick beach getaway and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After a productive (read: busy) week of work, it was such a treat to head out of town with Dave and my mom on Friday afternoon and disconnect for a few days. My brother, sister-in-law and niece joined us on Saturday and we all walked on the beach (well, four of us walked…one of us napped in a baby bjorn— the good life!) We enjoyed perfect Saturday weather: the fog burned off in the morning to reveal a bright blue sky and the warmth of the sun made me grateful that I had […]

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May in Napa Valley

Napa Valley, California

It’s definitely May in Napa Valley! It feels like summertime already and I was lucky enough to have meetings in the morning this week, getting me out in the sunshine, but before it was too roasting to enjoy it. Back when I commuted from Napa to Calistoga for work, I got pretty familiar with the length of the valley, specifically Silverado Trail. One of my all-time favorite views of Napa Valley has always been near Mumm Napa and ZD Winery. I don’t know what it is about this spot— I just love it. I’ve driven by it so many times and finally, on a sun-soaked day, decided to pull over and snap a photo. It […]

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Getting Our Garden On


One of my favorite things about living abroad was the visiting the farmers’ markets for fresh, garden-grown fruits and veggies (and baguettes, and cheese and the list goes on…). The French were especially strong in this area, with markets in each neighborhood on practically every day of the week. I’d walk to each one, but my favorite was in Arceaux, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I’d usually meet Dave for lunch and bring a big bag to collect my goodies for the next few days. Napa’s farmers’ market is great too, but I have to wait until May for it to get going! Before we left for Europe, that was somewhat of a tradition that Dave […]

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Life, Lately


I admit, I’ve ignored this poor blog of mine. What with the moving countries and states…I didn’t keep up. I used to blog with some semblance of frequency. Then it was maybe once a week, then once a month…That said, I’m more active on Instagram in case anyone is curious as to the latest. It seems, on the outside, that the adventures are fewer and farther between as we settle into every day life in California; what I’m trying to remind myself is that I shouldn’t overlook the little adventures that happen here at home. It’s easy to forget to capture those moments because they seem so mundane. I need to remember that it doesn’t […]

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