Welcome to my blog— where my professional and personal lives collide. I prefer to build a partnership with my clients, so it's important that you know the type of person with whom you'll be working and this will certainly shed some light on what I'm all about. I hope you enjoy my little slice of life!

Pregnancy: 40 weeks


I was officially 40 weeks yesterday, which means my due date was October 20. Not October 24, as we had originally thought. Funny story: the ultrasound tech had told us October 24, and that was the last date we heard, so we went with it. My doctor always operated in weeks, so I just assumed […]

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Gimme all the rain


Fair warning, this post is entirely mundane It rained yesterday (for about a millisecond) and it is currently misting and gray and I love it. We have had nothing but sunshine and 80+ degree days for the longest time and I have to admit: I’m over it. It’s a terrible thing to say; to complain […]

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Pregnancy: 22 weeks


I’m officially 22 weeks into this pregnancy! We had the 20-week ultrasound earlier this month and we (and by “we,” I mean “me”) were able to resist the urge to find out the gender of this little nugget, but according to the tech at the hospital, she wasn’t sure she could have confidently told us […]

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