Morrows Wines


  • Design only, to introduce a new wine brand
  • Multiple templates created for content
  • Mobile wireframes included


Earlier this year, I was tasked with creating the design for Morrows Wines, a sustainably sourced wine label with two single vineyard wines: a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir. The label for the wines heavily influenced my design for the website, as the label represents the meeting of the earth and ocean, as well as the influence both have in making the Santa Lucia Highlands, from which the grapes are sourced, a unique appellation.

The overall goal with the site was to share the story of the wines and the land from which they come. Not only were we introducing a new product, but also potentially educating users about the appellation. It was important that the design reflected the artisan approach to winemaking while also maintaining a sense of balance and focus.

As I only handled the design on this project, I was so excited to see my visual translated to a live site.