The Navarro Family Vineyards

  • Integration with Commerce7 for winery ecommerce
  • Custom blocks coded to make new content additions simple
  • Brand colors coded into CMS for easy access and use
  • Responsive design with additional website accessibility fixes in mind
  • Fully-optimized for technical SEO

This recent project centered around crafting a bespoke website for a family-owned winery, seamlessly blending design and development. We kicked off with an in-depth analysis of the winery’s target audience – delving into demographics, behaviors, and a thorough competitor study – all to ensure our design and development hit the right notes. The grand plan? To establish a commanding brand presence, create a smooth e-commerce journey, weave a compelling narrative, and ensure the website looked slick on every device.

To make it happen, I implemented custom solutions through WordPress, seamlessly integrating the Commerce 7 platform for enhanced online wine shopping experiences. The development included a unique theme within WordPress, integrating the winery’s branding and intuitive navigation. One of my favorite parts, however, was coding out some custom design blocks to jazz up content management – this innovative addition allows the client to effortlessly update and modify content while keeping the design tight. Other fun elements included an interactive ‘About’ page with a unique timeline highlighting the family’s roots in agriculture, adding a personal touch to the storytelling aspect. And of course, there was a strong emphasis on responsive design, to ensure optimal user experiences across various devices.

The blend of design and development, sprinkled with client-friendly features, sets this family-owned winery on their way to online success. Cheers to the perfect online sip!