Cause Funding


A website launch is extra fun when the client gives you free rein to make it happen! Cause Funding is an organization working to support small businesses and local non-profits in the community through passive, recurring donations. When I was asked to design their website, their focus was developing their online presence and getting the word out about their services, so whatever design I thought would be best to make it happen was in play.

I went with a the large “hero” image and bold headlines, to really call attention to the basic overview of the company, with a more in-depth glance below the hero image. I was also asked to create the content for the site as well, so developing the words, and the design in which they would live, gave me an opportunity to really share what Cause Funding is all about. I truly enjoy writing the content for a website I’m designing; I learn even more about my clients’ endeavors and projects, giving me a better, all-around picture of their company, which only helps me create stronger designs.

So with that, I’m excited to share the finished website for Cause Funding!