Fun with nursery rhymes

My new apartment is off of Hickory, which is the street which one would turn onto from Dickory, which is also the street of which Dock is an off-shoot. It is next to Mouse Lane.

I find that amusing.

What I do not find amusing is my apartment. It isn’t exactly what one would call clean. I’m seriously bummed and will be having a conversation with the leasing office tomorrow. Shame on me for expecting the kitchen to not have food on the walls and to have been vacuumed recently.

It’s not that it’s disgustingly unclean but when one moves and hopes to have a shiny new apartment, this is a bit of a let down. Also disappointing is the size of the kitchen and more importantly, the lack of cabinet space. I don’t even have space for a pantry. Boo.

The very large bag of chocolate I bought myself after my apartment saga
The very large bag of chocolate I bought myself after my apartment saga

It might be at this point in the story that one would wonder why I ended up in this apartment, without investigating these things. The truth of the matter is that I did some walk-thrus at sister properties when I was out here a couple of months ago. Those particular properties were quite nice, however, neither had vacancies when I was looking a couple of weeks ago. So I looked at the sister properties, ie this one, and the pictures online looked to be the same as what I had seen when I walked through the other places. So I figured I was safe. Wrong.

I would take some pics but there are too many boxes in the way because I have been boycotting moving in. Sad, I know. I guess the upside is that the people at work seem to think that I won’t be spending that much time at home anyway, so it doesn’t really much matter.

There was also the Great Cable/Internet Debacle of 2008 that took place on Friday. I got off early to meet the cable guy to install cable in my living room and in my bedroom, along with the internet for my office/nook. He came and quickly dashed my hopes of having some kind of technological connection to the outside world. The jack in my living room and in my office/nook were non-operational and not receiving a signal which means the wires aren’t hooked up to the jack. Phenomenal. My bedroom had no jack to begin with so getting cable in there was futile. We happened upon another faceplate in the living room that was missing the actual jack. Luckily, after removing the faceplate, we discovered wires in the wall that did receive a signal so he hooked that one up for me. Now I can at least have cable in the living room. No internet is not ok with me, although thank you to whoever it is in the complex who named their network zscott1, as I’m currently connecting online through his unsecured network. Sharing really is caring.

I also spent my very first night here last night. Hearing my neighbors fight at 4:45am was also the opposite of awesome.

On the plus side, I am really loving my job and everyone I have met so far. I went out with some people from the department last night and found myself fitting in quite nicely. I also spent some quality time with one of the gals that I will be traveling with during baseball and she and I will be just fine on the road together, I can tell.

Now I sit on the couch watching the Colts-Packers game, taking a break from the unpacking because the shower rod in my bathroom falling down (for no apparent reason) and breaking was the last straw for a while.

And since I’m on a bit of a rant, I would also like to state my distaste for the new Burger King Steak-n-Shroom burger commercials. They are absurd.

2 comments on “Fun with nursery rhymes

  1. Dude. I know I talked to you on Friday, but I am so happy to see you blogging again! I’m stoked that your job is good and the people are cool – it’ll just take some time to get into a routine, then I’ll come visit and you can take me ’round N’owlens (sp? – sorry, Cali girl here).

    I do have to comment on a few things:
    1. Stolen internet rocks. Kudos to zscott1 who didn’t secure his network – I thank you that C-Dog was able to blog.
    2. Hearing neighbors fight is not ok and I think you should call the cops or Jerry Springer next time.
    3. I love those new BK commercials. I’m sorry but I do. I love the clothes and the songs and they make me giggle. Is this why I’m single?

  2. In reference to #2: I left this out of the original post but feel the need to bring you in the loop, for comedic purposes and to see if I can make you gag a little: hearing the neighbors fight was nothing compared to having to hear them make up again an hour later. GROSS!!

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