Seize that creature!

I am again attempting to get my house settled. It’s still a very slow process. But I’m trying to get on board with this whole house thing. Especially because it’s really the only thing that isn’t way awesome about living in the boot. I love everything else– the people, the food, the daily life. But it just seems that when I’m home, away from the hustle and bustle of it all, I do start the miss home and I am pretty sure that it has to do with the fact that I’m not at all settled in my new digs. The good news is that I have found a fairly decent solution to this bout of homesickness. It comes in the form of DVDs. Also a convenient plan for someone like myself with no cable in their bedroom.

Last night I watched my NHS 2006 football highlight DVD and I felt much better. There is nothing quite like a good Mulli speech to bring a smile to one’s face. And I’m also excited that I will get to hear the game online on Friday night from my hotel room in Houston.

Also helpful, but on the other end of the viewing spectrum is tonight’s current selection: Sleeping Beauty. I’m not sure why the Disney DVDs are good medicine, exactly. I don’t feel like they had a particular significance in my childhood but who am I to explain why I like them now? I think Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney princess movie. I’m fully aware that I’m 25 and watching an animated Disney movie. I was Cinderella for Halloween once (when I was much younger, for the record) but only because she is much more identifiable than Princess Aurora.

Also with this viewing comes flashbacks to how much Maleficent scared the bejesus out of me as a child. Any “woman” with a laugh like that and horns on her head is bound to give small children (and small adults) nightmares.

See? She’s terrifying in an animated sorta way. On the flip side, I did giggle at the blue fairy in this clip (that’d be Meriweather). She is clearly the funniest and I appreciate her honest fairy sarcasm. I always liked the three fairy godmothers, mostly because they each wore a different color, so it was like a set of fairy godmothers. And I like sets of things. It’s a touch OCD, I think, that I have to have complete sets of items. All my dishes match, down to a creamer and sugar bowl that are for mere decoration. I also made a solid attempt to own all the Babysitter’s Club books when I was growing up as well. And who wouldn’t want their own set of fairy godmothers? I wouldn’t mind them. I’d ask them to put my house together. And they wore cool hats. They were pointy like a witch’s hat, but with tulle or something tying them on their heads. If I had to wear a pointy hat, I would definitely want it affixed to my head with tulle.

At any rate, my trip down memory lane raised my productivity level at my house, which is helpful. I think all my laundry got done, which is awesome. Now I just need to put the clean sheets on my bed before I crawl in.