Brown monies

I was doing some unpacking tonight (still) and came across a cassette tape that was made when I was (according to the tape label) 4 years old and my brother Joe was 2. After finding a piece of equipment that would even play a cassette tape, I listened to a lovely rendition of the score to Follow That Bird and now that, people, is some good entertainment, trust me.

In case you have never heard of this 1985 classic, let me provide you with the trailer:

This movie may have even served for his Halloween costume inspiration!

But before Joe and I sang about an “”Easy Goin’ Day” I displayed a very generous and sisterly act of sharing. Turn your speakers up and take a listen:

‘I gave half to Joe and half to me’

I think my favorite part is the 4 second silence that falls after my mom asks if I asked her permission to get into the gumball machine. Oops. But Mom, I shared…so it’s ok.

I am a good sister.

5 comments on “Brown monies

  1. Ahh, the “little” voices! So long ago-kinda made me tear up, but mostly I smiled:) I love the silence when Molly asked if you had asked her permission to get the gum-classic.

  2. You are indeed a great sister & daughter.

    PS: This is good example of why it is often better to ask for forgiveness then permission (I mean after all, you got the gum, right?!)

  3. Hearing that DID make me blubber…You guys were great little kids, and are turning into pretty amazing adults!

    By the way, please don’t post the part of the tape where we are all singing (or at least the part where I am singing)! I beg of you….

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