Big ups to my Pops

I had planned to do this post waaay earlier today but alas, I got sidetracked with work.

At any rate, I thought that, with it being Father’s Day and all (at least for another 4 minutes, according to my clock) I should take a moment to share the fact that I have a pretty cool dad.

This may or may not be apparent to those that know me, but I’m definitely a Daddy’s Girl. Whoever marries me is going to have pretty big shoes to fill because my dad is the best man I know. I could go on and list all the positive qualities and things he has brought to my life but instead, I will share the Christmas present I made for him two years ago. **Please ignore my large glasses that consume much of my face and my braces. That double whammy killed me.**

And since I score a Big Fat Fail for my Mother’s Day post, it should be noted that my mom is pretty cool too. Ever so often she will ask me if I look back and think I had a good childhood. I usually roll my eyes and assure her that aside from being served an excessive amount of pork tenderloin for dinner (apparently it’s cheap and tasty and feeds the masses, which in my family, goes a long way.) I did. But I really do think I did. I live(d) with both my parents under the same roof, they gave me freedoms and guidance when it was needed and discipline when the time was right. They instilled values in me that they felt would ensure my success in life, which, aside from the whole being 27 and living back in their house thing, I think took pretty well. So even though today (for another few seconds) is Father’s Day, I’m pretty dang lucky to have BOTH my parents in my corner.

After coaching my softball team one fall season when I was about 12, my dad made a point to write letters to each member of the team, jotting down all of their talents and what positive attributes they brought to the team. In my letter, he wrote that he was glad “I was on his team forever.”

I’m glad my mom and dad are on the ones on my team forever.

I’ll even let Dad wear #10.

3 comments on “Big ups to my Pops

  1. Colleen,
    Just read your latest blog… thought it was awesome. Although:
    “Please ignore my large glasses that consume much of my face and my braces. That double whammy killed me.” Did it? I seem to recall there was one guy who loved them!! 😉
    Hope you are doing well. Would love to catch up someday!

    Best, Kyle

  2. Hahaha, thanks Kyle! I love that SOMEone loved them! 🙂 Yes, we will need to catch up soon, I will shoot you a message on Facebook and you can fill me in on how you and the family are all doing!

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