Get Meaningful Monday – Valentine’s Day Edition

Get Meaningful Monday

  • The USF Crabfeed, which was last night. Lots of comedy (at the event and at our table). With Ted away at school and our busy schedules, it’s not often we all get to have dinner together and last night was the five of us, along with both sets of grandparents, which was nice. We also had a couple of Ted’s teammates join us. It was nice to hear stories of their lives at college and it seems like my brother has a good crew around him, both on the field and at school.
  • A truly successful event at work on Saturday. I don’t often blog about work but I’m particularly proud because it was the first time the winery hosted an event of its kind and all the legwork we did in advance of the event paid off. Woo-hoo!
  • The fact that it’s raining today, which means I get to hole up and scrapbook all day long and not feel guilty about staying inside, working in the nook.
#9's family represented at the Crabfeed