Last weekend, the family headed to Santa Cruz for a quick beach getaway and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After a productive (read: busy) week of work, it was such a treat to head out of town with Dave and my mom on Friday afternoon and disconnect for a few days. My […]

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August in Italy


It’s already mid-August here in Italy and so incredibly quiet around town. August is vacation month in Italy— everyone takes time off and stores are closed per ferie, or, for summer holiday. It’s not uncommon for most stores (of the mom-and-pop variety, which still make up the majority of the neighborhood) to shut down for […]

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We interrupt this regularly-scheduled blog post to bring you good news! I gained a sister last weekend! Congrats to my brother, Joe and his bride (and my new sister-in-law), Heather on their wedding! ♥

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Beach Days

Dave checks his line

After our drive, the last thing Dave and I wanted to do was get back in the car so we’ve spent each afternoon walking along the beach. It’s walking distance from his parents’ house so we’ve taken advantage of that. The first day, we walked up and down the beach and Dave noticed there were […]

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Life's a Beach

At least it was three weeks ago when I went there! Three weeks to get a blog post up {shaking my head in disgust}. Yowsers. Being that September and October are the busiest months for both Dave and me (and with Harvest 2011 being so late, we might as well throw the first couple weeks […]

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