Beach Days

After our drive, the last thing Dave and I wanted to do was get back in the car so we’ve spent each afternoon walking along the beach. It’s walking distance from his parents’ house so we’ve taken advantage of that.

a view down Crab Meadow Beach

The first day, we walked up and down the beach and Dave noticed there were fish jumping in the ocean (Long Island Sound, to be exact) so the second day, he brought his fishing pole but the breeze brought on an excess of seaweed thwarting his plans (good thing we already had dinner in mind). I collected skipping stones and tried my hand at that for a while. Because apparently I’m as easily entertained as a six year old. He and his dad are going out early tomorrow and have collected snails for the occasion. We’ll see what they return with tomorrow.

Dave checks his line
Dave checks his line

Such a better environment than the inside of a car.

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  1. Maybe you guys shouldn’t go all the way to France. Dave’s parents’ place looks like a mighty fine place to live…

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