Andy Carignan Music

  • Easy-to-use event calendar
  • Straight-forward design
  • Highly customized code to optimize site performance

Based in Frederick, Maryland, Andy Carignan is not only a talented musician, he is also my husband’s uncle! So when he needed an online home where he could easily post his gigs, he knew where to turn. (Some families get doctors and lawyers, some get web designers…)

His overall goals were straight-forward: a simple site that would list his gigs that also offered a simple way to get in touch with him for private events. He also wanted a way to corral his available media samples all in once location, making his website the perfect home. Perhaps most importantly, he also wanted to be able to maintain the site himself.

Looking to some of his favorite artists for inspiration, we developed a professional site where he can readily post new music samples and direct people to his gigs via his event calendar, making his online home a hub for all aspects of his music!