Thoughts on an East Coast Baseball Tour

Old Yankee Stadium (New York Yankees): 9

There is something about the historical aspect that adds points. They have Monument Park so bonus for commemorating that. It’s also old-style intimate, where you feel like you’re on top of the action. Maybe that was just my seat up by the left field foul pole on the upper deck, careful not to look down for fear of falling over the edge.

Fenway Park (Boston Red Sox): 9

Same as above but my experience was a bit tainted by having to sit under the jumbo-tron, unable to see replays.

Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles): 7.5

I saw Cal Ripkin play there, so that’s worth some bonus points. But as I recall, the outside was industrial and not quite the atmosphere I was going for. It was like they took this beautiful park and put it in the middle of the old, defunct warehouse district.