My nemisis

I think it’s safe to say that I have a very strong aversion to my new place. I haven’t really unpacked a lot of things in hopes that I will magically wake up and love my new apartment and want to enjoy the newness that comes with the unpacking. So far, no luck.

We all know about the Great Cable/Internet debacle of 2008, in which I have a (that’s a singular ‘a’) cable jack. Therefore, unless I run wires all through my house, I only can watch TV in my living room and don’t have a jack in which to access the internet.

Then when I finally contacted another cable guy, he talked a good game, saying how he would come by and rout splitters and put wires under the carpet so I wouldn’t have to see them…it all sounded great. I told him to make it happen and I would pay his $55 installation fee. Well, he stood me up, costing me four hours of my life that I can’t get back. Thanks a lot jerkface cable guy.

My archenemy
My archenemy

Of course, there was also a major disappointment in cabinet space and now all of my dishes and glassware are in cabinets too high for me to reach without a stool, furthering my frustration that they are not readily available. And I like food. I am also in favor of eating it on plates and not out of pots, pans and cartons. Thus the dishware distance becomes a problem. I tried cooking last night…I was practically running into myself in the kitchen. Sigh.

Then tonight. I bring myself to do the dishes in my dishwasher; the dishwasher that is part of my apartment’s “full appliance package.” And it won’t latch. This dishwasher in my new archenemy.

I have tried to make it latch, but it won’t reach. It’s like my dishwasher door needs stilts. The latch sweeps closed too low to catch the latch. Ironically, the door still closes all the way and it will turn on.

Here I sit. Beaten.
Here I sit. Beaten and watching for any signs of stray dishwasher water.

So now, I sit in my kitchen, on my step stool (yes, the one that I use to reach my dishes), watching the dishwasher to see if it will still work and not leak water while not latched. I doubt this is going to work because there is no seal on the door but I give in apartment. You win. Have it your way. I will not be comfortable in my own home. I give in.

2 comments on “My nemisis

  1. at least your hair looks fantastic.

    The loudmouthed smartass you share an office with.

    PS. Thanks for the heads up about your hair appointment so I can make observations like that.

  2. Dude. Sucks. I’m sorry and I wish I could fix it. I could offer you an idea for your internet issue though. I too only have one jack in my house for cable. My Comcastsucks modem and cable box are attached to it (split cable). I then attached my wireless router to that, in the living room. All three of my computers are wireless so you can work from every room in the house, even way back in the teeny weird office-like room. Let me know if it works 🙂 No more bummed pictures or I’m flying out and taking you home. Or flying out and staying there. Haven’t decided yet.

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