How to shop 2288 miles apart

Tonight is Halloween, which (naturally) means that last night was spent looking for costume parts. I began my mission around 6:30, already feeling dejected and not at all enthused at the thought of having to take on the swarms of last-minute costume-shoppers like myself.

I didn’t have anyone to shop with and that bummed me out more. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s don’t go shopping for ridiculous costumes by yourself. You don’t have anyone to laugh at your ridiculosity yep, I just made up a word so you wind up just feeling dumb in a dressing room, instead of cracking up with someone at how hilarious it will be.

It’s the same feeling one might get when they decide to go to the movies alone but as you sit in the un-filled theater, you think to yourself self, the guy in that little room up there is having to play this movie JUST because of me. Then it’s not as fun as the $10.75 you just forked over would warrant.

It was especially sad when I couldn’t find a black pinstriped skirt to save my life. The kicker being that I just gave mine to the salvation army before I moved. I picked a fine time to be generous.

I had gone into every Charlotte-21 store imaginable and nothing. It sucked the wind right out of my sails.

Luckily for me, it was at this point in the evening that MTG decided to call and check in.

She stayed on the phone with me and it was just like having a shopping buddy! Suddenly, on the verylaststore in the stupid mall, I ventured in, whilst having girl talk with MTG. Then I saw it. Hanging on a rack. Not a pinstriped skirt but a bodice dress that I could either cut into a skirt or wear a blouse over. But let me re-state my find. A bodice dress. Like something that mimics lingerie. Yikes.

Now, if I were by myself, I would haven’t even entertained such a dress if you want to call it that. But I was “with” MTG so she told me to try it on. So I did. And I took pics of myself in the dressing room and texted them to her.

Then she gave me the thumbs up actually the words of approval were: booyah, which I appreciated so I proceeded to the counter to purchase the dress-turned-car-wash-rag-post-Halloween.

$15 later, I have the base of my costume and I’m no longer bummed about H’ween. I do, however, still miss my girls.