My tax dollars at work

I have decided to vote via absentee ballot in Napa County in the upcoming elections mostly because I didn’t know I was moving to Louisiana until after the date to register elsewhere.

So my parents forwarded my ballot onto me and I received it Saturday (cutting it close, I know). I sat down at my kitchen table (which is still covered in miscellaneous wires, unhung picture frames and old receipts) with my ball point pen to do my civic duty.

As I was reading the instructions, making sure I followed them to a T so as to have my vote counted in California, I noticed the following:

Nice work, government agency
Nice work, government agency

I looked closely, to make sure that I was seeing things right and sure enough, the ballot called for a blue or “blak” pen. Phenomenal work on an official document that will help pick the next leader of our country. Simply phenomenal.

4 comments on “My tax dollars at work

  1. You’re in Louisiana now, you can probably still vote there, too. Of course, the options are usually limited to criminals or grand wizards, but you can vote as many times as you like!

    If McCain wins, we’re taking that scanned image and putting on a t-shirt with the slogan “Don’t blame me; I voted for the Blak guy!” **

    ** – I am entitled to 50% of all royalties if this idea comes to fruition.

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