A peek into the male mind

The following conversation ensued today, following another conversation about getting nails done:

Me, to a fellow woman, whilst in the presence of a man: I still need to find out where to get my eyebrows done. I haven’t had them done in a long time. I have been doing the daily maintenance myself.

Female: Ooh, ask [insert other female’s name here]. She’ll be able to tell you where to go.

…3 hours elapse…

The aforementioned man, to me, later in the day: I meant to tell you this earlier…But never at any point in my life as a man, or in the lives of any other men, have we ever seen a woman walk by and go “damn, check out the eyebrows on her. That’s hot.” So as long as you avoid looking like Mike Dukakis, you’re safe.

Good to know.