**Disclaimer for Kelly: The following post contains a reference to something that totally creeps/grosses you out. Something that starts with an ‘s’ and rhymes with ‘wider’. However, no pictures of the aforementioned Arachnids exist in the post.**

I remember when I first visited the boot, my mom asked me if the bugs were bad because when she had visited Tennessee, via roadtrip from CA when she was growing up, she remembered the bugs being an issue in the south. I shrugged in response to her question, not remembering anything out of the ordinary in the insect department.

Then I moved here. And someone warned me about the cockroaches. Now, I wouldn’t exact put myself in the category of being scared of bugs. Don’t get me wrong, if I see a spider in my house, I’m not thrilled, but I don’t scream and hope that a Paul Bunyon-like man will come through the door to kill it for me. I’m perfectly capable of flushing them down the toilet myself. But right after I moved here, I saw this giant bug flying around and it was then that I learned that cockroaches can fly. Gross.

Then came the day when I was in flip-flops and I was walking, minding my own business, when one found its way under my flip-flop. I just shuddered as I relived that moment whilst typing. I will spare everyone the details but it was totally gross and contrary to popular belief, not at all funny. It’s a good thing I live near an Old Navy and can purchase $3 replacement flip-flops as necessary.

Fast-forward to today. When I saw this and jumped 10 feet in the air:

Um, it’s half the length of that cocktail napkin. And that’s not counting the antennae length. If I were to have picked it up (and we are talking in pure hypothetical because in this circumstance, I would make a Paul Bunyon-like man do it for me), it would have exceeded the size of my fist.

It reminded me of this commercial:

I know the commercial features a termite and not a cockroach, but it was pretty much right on as far as bug-size-to-scale in my head.

*Insert creeped out face here*

**Update: As I was preparing to post this, I was filling out my tags and accidentally typed ‘cocktail’ instead of cockroach. Freudian slip? I think so.
*Note to Grandma Joan: OMG stands for Oh My God, often used in exclamation for something unbelievable. It started in chat rooms as a shorthand response on the internet and now has a comfortable home in daily spoken slang.

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  1. So…these are called Palmetto Bugs… they are annoying… but EVERYWHERE… especially if you are on the coast….

    Just wait till the summer…

    And if you live near any marsh lands… keep a lookout for frogs and raccoons… not kidding.

  2. OMG-it is my worst nightmare! Remind me to tell you about our Hawaiian honeymoon-GROSS BUGS EVERYWHERE. Welcome to the humid south, my friend:) You can always move back home! I know many people who would love that:)

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