Life’s Little Instruction Book meets my blog

I had this daily calendar a few years ago–you know, the ones where you’re supposed to tear off a page each day but in reality you forget and wind up tearing off 4 pages at a time to keep up–and there were some solid quotes that I pulled off on various days. I saved my favorites and tacked them up on a cork board I had in my apartment. Strewn between old photos and good memories were these little tidbits of advice and things to remember.

While dismantling the Nook before I moved to the boot, I came across all these quotes. I didn’t want to forget them, but in all honesty, I¬†was trying to limit the number of things that make this 2000-mile move and these slips of paper didn’t make the cut. But I did think to myself, ‘self, the best way to keep these handy is via your blog’ so I figure I will just throw them out into the blogosphere for safe keeping (memories frozen in time, people!)

  • Never get romantically involved with someone you love more than you trust
  • Remember, all progress is uphill
  • Be sweeter to those you love
  • Do a better job of raising your kids than you do anything else
  • Don’t quit when you’re tired; quit when you’ve won
  • Don’t laugh laugh at anyone with a Crock-Pot; they know what they are doing I could not agree with this one more
  • Marry someone whose dreams match yours
  • Eat something delicious every day ok, if you say so
  • Don’t confuse tolerance with acceptance
  • Judge relationships by the number of smiles shared, not the number of tears shed
  • Don’t let good friends drift out of your life thanks to Facebook, I doubt this will be a problem
  • Do things before you’re told to
  • Remember that a shortcut is a route that never leads to excellence
  • Be the person everyone wants to sit next to
  • Never hesitate to ask for directions, a recipe or a hug
  • Remember that you’ll seldom play better than you practice
  • Be able to explain baseball’s infield fly rule to a six-year-old check this one off the list!
  • Remember that all relationships are works in progress
  • Follow through on all promises and commitments I promise to follow through and eat something delicious every day
  • Remember that the wheels of success are greased with midnight oil
  • It is the fool who does not return to the place of his last happiness this one I actually took from that pilot episode of that ABC show ‘October Road’. But I like it nonetheless.

And there you have it, CL’s rules to live by.

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  1. MEMORIES FROZEN IN TIME, PEOPLE! –that’s awesome.

    I think I like bullet #1 the best. Couldn’t be more true… very well said.

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