The beauty of house shoes

I have had the same slippers for many years. They are (were?) the white fuzzy slip-on kind, and they were from GAP so they were super comfy and soft, until I wore them so often that I squished the poof out of them. But I never wore them outside. So if I had to take the garbage out, I took the slippers off and changed to something I could wear outside, in an effort to keep my white slippers clean. It didn’t help.

I figured it was time to get some new ones and I had been eyeballing some Uggs-meets-slippers that I saw at Target. Because where else would I shop?

Last night I finally broke down and bought them. And they have not left my feet since. They are so warm and fuzzy and soft. And they have thick soles so I can wear them to hike to the dumpster because, oh that’s right. The dumpster is at the opposite end of the complex from me. Awesome.

I seriously thought about bringing them to work and changing into them once my feet were safely tucked behind my desk where my feet are not visible. The first thing I did when I got home tonight was put them on. They are fabulous.

Best $16.99 I ever spent.

3 comments on “The beauty of house shoes

  1. Hey cool new slippers.Its always nice to get a new pair.I make sure my slippers are waiting for me by the door to put straight on when i get home after kicking off my shoes and putting my socks (essential to wear them this time of year) in the adjacent basket.

  2. While I am glad you are comfy, I am sorry you got slippers. Now I don’t know what to get you for Christmas.

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