A living room legend

I have to say that ever since I joined Facebook in July, I have re-connected with so many lost friends. Despite not keeping in good touch with them through the years, FB has served to at least reintroduce me to what’s going on in my friends’ lives. I’m also please to say that due to FB, I’m pretty sure that if we wanted to have a reunion of Mrs. Reynolds 6th grade class, I could do so via FB and have a pretty good turnout, I think.

At any rate, I was perusing FB on Saturday night (post-thunder and lightning storm, there was no way I was going anywhere that night–it had been raining for like, 5 hours straight!) and I received an IM from one Noah Needleman, who happens to be a friend from my high school days. While we weren’t uber close in HS, we had many mutual friends so naturally, our paths crossed and I remember him being able to play the guitar. For those of you playing at home, I heart the guitar. And the piano. I wish I knew how to play either/both alas, I hated piano lessons because my teacher made me cut my nails (aka talons, as Ted calls them) in order to avoid a certain clacking sound that should have only been a tickle on the ivories. But I digress.

So I get an IM from Noah and I find out he is in LA (not the boot LA but rather Los Angeles) doing his music thing. I asked to hear some of his music and whilst IMing, I listen. And am immediately blown away.

So talented!

I should have known it all along but I hadn’t ever heard his music before, save maybe a choir concert at Napa High once or twice. I’m totally diggin’ his music. I love that he plays the clubs in LA that I used to frequent when I lived in San Diego. On a random night of the week when I just wanted to have an adventure, I’d hop in the car and head to The Mint or Hotel Cafe, just to discover a new musician. At a place where I could have a beer with him or her afterwards if I wanted to. And now Noah is that guy.

I definitely suggest checking out his music and listening to a few tracks. I really enjoyed the songs he has posted on his site

They are going to be on his upcoming EP (his second!)

In the mean time, I loved Noah’s arrangement of Pure Imagination (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..you know the one) so I’m sharing it here.

He also has some songs on iTunes, which makes him extra fancy, and he’s a great lyricist.

Noah Needleman – Somewhere Between

I’m bummed I missed out on his talent in high school and grateful he took a moment to shoot me a note last night. I really enjoyed catching up with him.

Noah and I chatted for at least an hour and he also turned me on to another artist, Caitlin Alise and I’m also in LOVE with her sound. Especially her songs October and Damages Unseen. I recommend them.

All of this couldn’t have come at a better time, as I was in the market for some new sounds on my iPod. Great additions and seriously hoping Noah and Caitlin come out to my LA to perform soon.

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