7 comments on “Attention those wearing red shirts for a living

  1. I waited a freaking week for this?

    Step up your game McMasters. What was the conversation in the media room today? Give us THAT happy little commentary (I can’t remember what it was).

  2. If you and Graf don’t stop calling me McMasters, all the men in my family are gonna fly out here and kick the crap outta both of you. Thank you and good day.

  3. Well, I’m so used to dazzling brilliance posted in a timely manner from LeMasters that I can only assume your performance this week was by a poor Scottish facsimile.

  4. Your friend Kev made a nice recovery in his last post. I was ready to assemble all the able bodied LeMasters (& Gerlachs too).

    McMasters indeed!!! (Although he did include the “s” at the end.)

  5. So…. I used to make a living wearing red and kahki, I hired… fired… yadda those people who “bag out milk with windex”…
    and it sounds like a case of bad training…. common sense would tell you not to do that, but that seems too much to ask for these days..


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