The story of Magic and Larry

I think it’s safe to say that most everyone who reads my blog is aware that freshman year of college, I had roommate issues. As in, we had nothing in common. Though nice, polite girls, it wasn’t quite the bonding experience one might imagine. (Which reminds me to blog about it sometime because it’s pretty hilarious.)

So you can imagine how happy I was when my youngest brother went off to Long Beach and his roommate, a baseball player as well naturally, was someone whose company he really enjoyed. They both have no idea how lucky they were to like each other. I’m serious.

In fact, as I heard it, they earned the nicknames of Magic and Larry. (For those not sports savvy, please google the phrase.) Below is the evidence that the nicknames were apropos:

Guess which one is which?
Guess which one is which?

It is as college roommates should be. One time, I went down to visit Ted and there was a group of baseball players waiting for a shuttle and I had no idea where Ted’s dorm was. Lucky for me, most of the guys donned Dirtbag t-shirts so I asked one of them if they were on the baseball team and if they knew where I could find Ted (they probably looked at me, looked down at their shirts and thought I was a moron for asking the first question.) Jon promptly extended his hand, introduced himself and escorted me to their dorm room. That Laverne did a good job with her boy. Ted is lucky. I mean, after all, Jon could have brought a Hello Kitty rice cooker to the equation. Then where would they be?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Magic, aka Jonathan Jones, now has a giant billboard on 2nd Street in Long Beach. I think it’s pretty damn cool so I’m posting a picture of it. Because, since I have never met Snoop Dogg, Jon is the closest thing to a LBC celeb I have ever met.

One comment on “The story of Magic and Larry

  1. #1 That’s freaking cool.

    #2 What about Nate Dogg? Have you met Nate Dogg? Warren G? Zack de la Rocha??
    Tim Salmon? Chris Andersen (He played for the Hornets for a while I think)?
    Nic Cage? Tiffany Amber-Thiessen? Veronica Mars? Mr. Belvedere (Brice Beckham)?

    No? I guess Jon is the most famous LBC’er you’ve met.

    #3 I demand the following tags be added to this post:
    college roommates
    Magic & Larry
    Ebony & Ivory*
    Kelly Kitty Rice Cooker

    #4 *- the alternate lyrics for this song would be:
    Ebony & Ivory
    Living Together in Perfect Harmony
    Side-by-Side in the Dirtbags, outfield, oh yeah, LBC!

    We all know that roommates are the same where ever we go
    There is Larry and Magic in every dorm,
    On his billboard, Jonathan is pretty
    and in his dorm, there’s rice from Hello Kitty
    (repeat chorus)

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