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So I have begun running on a fairly regular basis. I haven’t done this whole get in shape thing for a long time so I knew getting back into a groove was not going to be fun but I’m starting to realize that media room food isn’t always healthy so I need to start counterbalancing that with at least a run. My plan? Hit up our strength and conditioning coach to see if he wouldn’t mind me using the treadmill in the weight room. He didn’t mind but he did mention that the best time was lunch.

Which I wasn’t looking forward to, logistically-speaking, because after lunch I still have to go back to work. And going back to work all sweaty and having to put my work clothes back on is not awesome. Then I had the bright idea to just wear my workout clothes out to baseball because, really, heels don’t make sense out there anyway.

This plan has been working for me and I have started my second week of this running thing. Last week took some getting used to and at one point I actually thought I had pulled something in my left calf. And of course, there is a mysterious bruise on my right big toe, and I’m not really sure how it got there but it doesn’t hurt anymore so I’m thinking I’m past the hard part. Yesterday and today I had two really good workouts. Today especially.I’m pretty sure I just jinxed myself and tomorrow’s run will probably not be as awesome but oh well. Today was good and I was all jazzed, post-run.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s been a while since I could run for 25 minutes straight without stopping to walk for a minute or two. I actually did that today! Ran at 5.5 mph for 25 minutes straight.

I must have really been in the zone because I didn’t really notice my progress until one of my baseball boys brought me a towel because I was sweating so profusely. Hot, I know. It also occurred to me that when I get in this “zone” I find myself mouthing the words to whatever song is blaring into my ears via my iPod. Interesting, right? Well, it also makes for an entertaining show for the people also working out at lunchtime. It is extra entertaining if you’re running in a gym area in which people know you. Such as the gym I use. Which doubles as the gym in which the baseball team works out. You see where I’m going with this.

So I figured the least I could do was help them out with what the heck I was rocking out to today, thus the following is my workout playlist. (I have found it to be very motivating while working out.)

  • Whitney Houston- I’m Every Woman
  • Kenny Loggins- Danger Zone
  • Nickelback- Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good
  • Miranda Lambert- Gunpowder & Lead
  • Number 1- Nelly
  • Kenny Loggins- Playing with the Boys (the Top Gun volleyball scene)
  • Nelly- Ride Wit Me
  • Jo Dee Messina- I’m Done
  • The Roots- I’m in the Music
  • Lady Antebellum- Lookin’ for a Good Time
  • Pebbles- Mercedes Boy
  • The Roots- The Seed
  • Guns N Roses- Sweet Child of Mine and Welcome to the Jungle
  • Tony Lucca- Foxy Jane
  • Eminem- Till I Collapse and Lose Yourself
  • Kim Wilde- You Keep Me Hangin’ On
  • Rufus & Chaka Khan- Tell Me Something Good
  • Kelly Clarkson- Behind These Hazel Eyes
  • Tech N9ne- Einstein
  • Mary J. Blige- Enough Cryin’
  • Toby Keith- Get Drunk and Be Somebody
  • Jurassic 5- Quality Control
  • Christina Aguilera- Fighter
  • Carrie Underwood- Last Name
  • Jurassic 5- What’s Golden
  • Jason Aldean- Johnny Cash
  • Kellie Pickler- Things That Never Cross A Man’s Mind
  • Anthony Hamilton- Can’t Let Go
  • Earth, Wind and Fire- September
  • Terri Clark- Dirty Girl
  • Trace Adkins- I Got My Game On
  • Bonnie Raitt w/ BB King- Baby I Love You
  • Run DMC- It’s Tricky
  • Jody Watley- Looking for a New Love
  • Jack Ingram- Maybe She’ll Get Lonely

I guess I’ll give it another go tomorrow because I once heard that the mind needs to do something for 28 days before it becomes habit and I’m only on like, Day 5 so we’ll see how this whole thing shakes out.

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  1. I enjoy that your playlist is heavy on both rock and R&B from the 80s, and frankly I expect nothing less from you 🙂

  2. I suggest you go easy tomorrow, and run on Saturday or Sunday. But what do I know. My goal is to get home & hit the recliner.

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