Yea, I’m pretty much the (wo-)man

This is what happens when I get home late from work and feel like I didn’t have a chance to unwind/have an evening. I miss all the good TV (except the second half of Bachelor. Wow.) and resort to playing Super Mario Bros on my computer so I can unwind and fool myself into getting sleepy.

Yep, I conquered World One in Mario 3. And that’s sayin’ something because does anyone know how long it took me to get used to having the D and the F keys as my A and B buttons? And the arrows are the ones the right of the keyboard, totally flip-flopped from a true Nintendo controller. I mean, geez. It was really hard.

[Napoleon Dynamite voice:] Yea, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.

PS- For the record, I’m perfectly aware that I’m a small Mario and lost my flying powers during my battle with the spiked toad guy. But I still got a P-Wing for permanent flying power from the princess. Say that three times fast!

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