Killing time

So after our big win last night, we (I say we. Really, I mean the team. I have no bearing on the outcome of the game) had to get back to work and get ready for our conference series against a very good team. Thus, I find myself on a bus riding to Houston.

Yes. Houston. By bus. It’s actually not as bad as one might think. Considering I have ridden a bus from San Diego to Chico before, this is a piece of cake. 5 hours is no big deal. Although I am fondly remembering when Kennison’s parents grilled out for us at their place in Bakersfield so we could get out and stretch. We played bocce. I wish we could do that right now. Mostly for the fact that I’m on an immobile bus. It’s 6PM (that’s only two hours into the 5-6 hour journey) and we are stopped on the interstate and people are out of their cars. Not awesome. Someone called out that they saw smoke but I have yet to confirm that. Traffic is moving just fine on the other side. The word on the street is that the interstate is on fire. Phenomenal.

Our second baseman just did an excellent job of raiding the snack cabinet for the team. They must need snacks for the movie just put in. (Dark Knight. I saw it in the theater in the Boot in July when I was here. It was actually the same day I thought I would like living here. Since I paid $4.25 for an evening showing at the theater. As opposed to the Cinedome’s $10.25.

HB made a Sam’s Club trip (we don’t have Costco here) so we are fully stocked with multiple cases of Gatorade, a box of regular size Snickers, a Sam’s Club-sized box of animal crackers and a couple boxes of the variety bags of chips. Good news, we won’t starve if we are stranded here forever. All this on top of the fact that HB also lined up boxed lunches from Chick-fil-A that included two grilled chicken sandwiches, a fruit cup, a bag of chips and a giant fudge brownie. I ate it all. Well, technically Drew ate my second sandwich but it went to a good cause.

I would like to state for the record that it is my sole goal on this ride to not use the bus bathroom. Not only do I have a fear of one of the guys trying to lock me in (it’s happened before on the bus with my San Diego team. Thanks Tommy.) but also because I liken the bus bathroom to an airplane bathroom. Neither have enough room to operate. I was really hoping our win last night would translate to good spirits, including the kind that lead to bathroom breaks on the road. Sadly, this delay on the interstate does not bode well for that.

Holy hell. It’s 6:24 and we’re moving. Wait. It’s only 30 feet. This could make for a very long trip.

Update: (7:54PM) I just woke up and we were rolling along splendidly. Not sure why we were stopped before but guessing that the interstate wasn’t on fire after all. I would ask around for the real reason but I happened to wake up at the end of Dark Knight and everyone is pretty engrossed. Except Catfish. It was his turn to make a snack run to the upper bus cabinet. He assured me his armful of chips, animal crackers and snickers weren’t for him.