My new favorite word

My new fav word is vacay. As in what I just took, that found me in Destin, Florida.

Destin might also be my new favorite place. It was incredibly relaxing and while I have been on some pretty stellar vacations before (Hawaii and my multitude of baseball trips come to mind) this one was probably the most relaxing and most likely served its purpose as time to unwind from the stress of adulthood.

Big Metal, B-Squared and I left Monday morning and made the 4-ish hour drive. We stopped in just outside of Mobile for lunch before we finally arrived in Destin, where I saw this from our room. It made me happy.

Since Monday was pretty much a travel day, we layed by the pool until the sun went behind a building and then we went off to get dinner at a Mexican cantina, where I enjoyed a strawberry daiquiri with my food. Definitely the way to start off a vacay.

Following a brief stint at the grocery store, the three of us watched a chick flick while we ate brownies that we baked in our “kitchen”. They were delicious.

Tuesday was the big day at the beach. The sand was white, the water was warm and clear…definitely not like a NorCal beach.

We even picked up some good karma by reuniting a lost 6-year old with her mom before we called it a day, since I was slowly becoming a dermatology commercial. As I write this four days later, I am reminded of the time my youngest brother had been badly sunburned and had to the put the catcher’s gear on for a game. The thing is, I misjudged the southern sun. I catch a lot more color down here than back home. That’s in part due to the fact that I wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt at the beach at home. So I failed to reapply and I was playing in the ocean for a good portion of the day. Also something that doesn’t happen at home. The water is way too cold to get in. So I’m sitting on the couch and slightly crispy in loose clothing.

Here I am, frolicking:

After Tuesday, we got cleaned up and went to dinner and ended our evening with another movie. Most of which I missed because my shortstop got drafted in the 3rd round so I was working, trying to set up interviews and whatnot. I didn’t mind that so much because, well, it was the third round.

Wednesday was gonna be another “work” day since it was Day 2 of the MLB Draft so we all sat by the pool and I found an umbrella and parked it there while listening to them call everyone’s name. We had four more guys go on Wednesday and I’m only slightly embarassed to admit that I pumped my arms in the air and screamed “yes!” with such enthusiasm that I scared the pool man who was checking the chlorine levels or something when my first baseman got called by the Mets. I have infomed my first baseman of his duty to be my in to David Wright.

After we had soaked up enough sun, we packed it up and it was then that we found out that Big Metal got a job offer (which she accepted) so in order to properly celebrate that, along with the Draft, we went shopping. I am pleased to announce that I got a whole outfit from Banana Republic for $9.00 by usnig my BR rewards. Following the successful shopping trip, we had a quick dinner before picking up the following dessert that also served as part of our celebration. It was delicious. Even on the drive home the next day.

Naturally, we stayed up late watching a movie and chatting while enjoying our cookie cake.

Because we had to return to reality by Friday, Thursday morning we woke up, enjoyed a nice breakfast in the resort community then went poolside before going to pack up and head for home.

It was such a good four days.

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