The good ol’ days

I have had some more free time than usual lately and by usual I mean it’s summer and there are no sports in session–yet so I have been dusting off my movie collection in the evenings and curling up on the couch with my personal Netflix collection (mostly because I haven’t stopped to buy Dallas Season 9 yet and I have watched 1-8 already). I have taken the liberty of linking them to IMDB so you can read about movies you may not have heard of/seen. I have already watched Under the Tuscan Sun, Love Actually which made me want it to be Christmas, McLintock which stars John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, who I think it stunning, btw. I have also watched The Family Stone and A Man Apart, to name a few.

I have also recently watched Join the Tribe, aka the 2006 Napa High Football season that comes complete with highlights of each game, team dinners and player interviews…but then it made me want to watch Return to Glory, yes, they do have individual titles the 2002 season with similar features as the 2006 season. Sadly, I remembered that I gave my copy to someone to borrow and the aforementioned person never returned it. I mean, I know it’s quality cinema, but have a heart!

So I remembered that I had the original files on CD from when I converted the copy from VHS to DVD back the in day. that began a whole new project while said movies were playing. And thus, I got a new DVD made of Return to Glory. I feel better about life and will be watching it in its entirety tonight.

To that end, here’s a preview. Yes. It is the clip that features my brother’s highlight reel. I can do that because it’s my blog.

Go Indians. That’s for you, KK.

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