New blog rituals

I have decided to adopt a new blogging habit. This new ritual will be called “Get Meaningful Friday” since the purpose of each Friday’s post will be to list the things that I currently enjoy in my life…something that maybe inspires me or that I’m just downright grateful for having as a part of/in my life.

I wish I could take full credit for coming up with this grand idea, but it’s sort of a hybrid of Helen Jane’s 365 Days of Grace posts and Kayla Aimee’s Thursday This segment.

So without further ado, this Friday’s edition:

  • Spending a quality Thursday evening with the girls at the Zephyrs game for Ladies night
  • the fact that a mainstream radio station here posed the following question to their listeners: ‘where have you seen God today?’ and that people were stoked to answer and didn’t get bent outta shape at the question.
  • Red Gatorade
  • Not spilling the aforementioned red gatorade on my white shorts
  • My complete series set of Gilmore Girls on DVD

One comment on “New blog rituals

  1. hahah! I love the “Where have you seen God today?”

    In history class at Clemson… people would defend their answers and opinions and debate positions by quoting the Bible that they conviniently had in their book bag.

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