All of my blog posts now come complete with a signature as the end. Cool, huh? I took the idea from Audra, a scrappin’ buddy of mine.

For the record, the below is my ever-popular ‘initial signature’, used to initial the paper that bundled large piles of bills I would take into my drawer in my previous life as a bank teller. We used to have a laundromat as a customer and she would come to my teller window with stacks of $1.00 bills and we would have to count and bundle said bills. My name was just too long to sign thousands of times over, thus my initials came in handy. And I like my initials, so that’s a bonus too.

Woot woot.

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  1. love your blog! and i absolutely LOVE scrapbooking. i think i may have to copy you one day and post my own little creations. 🙂 can’t believe i never thought about it sooner!!

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