Get Meaningful Fridays #5

It was just brought to my attention (thanks Mom) that I didn’t post the fifth installment of ‘Get Meaningful Fridays’ and it’s already 10:15pm here in the Boot. My bad. In my defense, football camp has started and I just got home from a meeting. It is kinda late…

  • My bed.
  • My pillows (even more than before).
  • The cloud cover at practice today that seemingly lowered the temp from about 95 to about 90.
  • Comments on the Sutter Home blog
  • My mom arranging a family dinner for when I come home at the end of September…
  • …and almost all my family RSVP-ing positively (and on a school night!)

For 10:22pm, that’s a pretty solid list outta me.

PS- Milestones this week: you’re currently reading my 100th post and I passed the 10,000 visitors mark earlier this week. Yay!