Sorry Mom

I have been reminded that a Friday passed and I didn’t post a Get Meaningful entry. Oops. Luckily my faithful readers (aka my mom) reminded me I’m past due. 🙂
So on that note:

  • A Sunday movie from Blockbuster
  • Popcorn to go with the aforementioned movie
  • Massages because I haven’t had time to buy a new bed yet and my bed literally hurts me
  • Football starting this Friday night! Watch ESPN and see the guys tear it up against Tulsa!

Not making the list this week (or ever) is the ridiculous thunder that occurs in the South. Holy hell Batman! I’m pretty sure this is what a skyscraper being demolished next door would sound like!

3 comments on “Sorry Mom

  1. I feel better now that you have posted…PS-Dad & I told you to go out and purchase a new mattress & box springs on us. At least go get an egg crate, some memory foam or a feather bed to tide you over. Don’t forget that Dad & I will be visiting soon! *hint*

  2. I have been trying to hold out til I move in a few weeks but I may need to break down and get the new bed before then. But I will make sure I have it set up prior to your arrival. 😀

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