“Don’t call it a comeback…

…I’ve been here for years.” — LL Cool J.

Wise, yet oddly appropriate words. It’s no secret that upon finishing up school, I moved back to Napa from San Diego and started working in the wine business. And now, after a year hiatus, I’m back in it. This time on the sales side and working from The Boot. I’ve only been back in the business for 3 days but hopefully I can pick up where I left off.

I’m still getting back into my groove but I’m feeling pretty positive. I don’t think I can honestly devote a whole post to the new job because I still learning the ropes but there will be more to come.

Also, I have been without internet access for almost a week so my bad for not posting a Get Meaningful Fridays installment.

In other news, I will be returning to California later in the week and I can’t wait for that. I fly in Thursday and will be making a beeline for Taqueria Rosita, which reminds me…my dad told me I could submit a menu of meals that I would like to have upon my return home for consideration. I should get on that.

It will probably include the following:

Taqueria, Lawler’s (because I love me some ravioli and malfatti), Red Rock burgers…and my mom and dad are having the family over one of the nights and it goes without saying that we will have butter and garlic marinated tri-tip, which is kinda making me drool a little, not gonna lie.

This tri-tip is so good that one time during Christmas break, I returned from college and worked at an insurance office where I had worked over the previous summer and at the end of the holiday, my boss gave me gift certificates to Browns Valley Market (a small, specialty mom-and-pop market) where the aforementioned trip-tip is sold. The day before I packed my car to return to San Diego for school, I went an purchased 5 butter and garlic tri-tips and froze them. Prior to my departure, I packed them on ice in my cooler and hauled them back to San Diego, kept them frozen and had one a couple weeks later for my 21st birthday. It was awesome.

If I remember correctly, I also froze one once, packed it on ice in my carry-on and took it on the hour flight back to SD before. I imagine that the person scanning my carry-on at the security line was slightly alarmed but never did anything. The tri-tips are that good.

But along with that tri-tip also comes getting to see my whole family. We’re talking aunts, uncles and cousins here, people. I’m very excited at this prospect because I haven’t seen all of us together since Christmas Eve and even then I don’t think we were all there. I plan on taking lots of pictures. Including one giant cousins picture, so when I say I have a lot of cousins I have pictorial evidence to back me up.

Expect pictures soon.

3 comments on ““Don’t call it a comeback…

  1. The menu planning will be a bit challenging since you won’t be at home for as many of the “dinnertimes” as you have selected meals…You have a rehearsal dinner on Friday night,remember…We will certainly figure this minor detail out however! The main thing is YOU ARE COMING HOME! I am almost as excited as the day you were born! XO- =D

  2. Mom- You make a good point. How about the following: Taqueria for Thursday lunch and Red Rock after Joe’s game for dinner then Lawlers for Saturday dinner since Friday is a wash? I will have to forgo a Papa Joe’s pizza but I’m still covering most of my bases!

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