That Dorothy was on to something

I mean, there really is no place like home. I should know. I arrived at mine today after not having been there since Christmas. That may not seem like a long time in the grand scheme of kids being away from home but for this kid it sure was a long time!

Since my weekend is jam-packed with events, I did something every no person whose every minute is spoken for should do: I didn’t sleep Wednesday night. This was a mistake for many reasons. Mainly because I like sleep and while I don’t mean to, I turn into someone similar to Maxine the cartoon when I don’t get enough shuteye.

My biting sarcasm index raises exponentially.

Lucky for me, I made up some of the hours on the plane. By the time I awoke, we were making our initial descent into Sacramento, where my dad was picking me up. We headed to lunch then drove home. I surveyed our backyard and saw what could only have been something out of a magazine. Well done, parental units. Pictures will be taken on Sunday at my family dinner.

Thursday afternoon/evening also found me at a freshmen football game. That’s odd outta me, I know. For those of you who don’t know, my brother is the offensive coordinator/QB coach for the wobbleheads (aka the freshmen) and my cousin plays on the team. I love being at that stadium but since I’m going Friday night after the rehearsal dinner, I’ll probably post pictures then.

The blog might be picture-iffic for the next few days…I’m just sayin’.

The game got over at 4 and the rookies won and looked pretty good doing it. (Must be the coaching.) Since it was about dinner time, my dad and mom took Ted (my other brother) and me to Red Rock Cafe for my favorite burger (my brother Joe was scouting an opponent after the game then had film to breakdown so he couldn’t make it to dinner.)

It was a solid first day and night back but it makes me wish my stay was longer!