The Story of Ben and Amanda

Saturday: A long but good day…

Some time ago (sophomore year of high school, to be exact) Ben asked Amanda out on a date. She accepted and thus began their relationship. 11 years later, they are now husband and wife and Saturday was the celebration of how far they have come and how they will now spend the rest of their lives together.

I woke up at 5:30am to get ready to be a bridesmaid in Amanda’s big day. I did my makeup, got my hair did and headed to the Meritage Resort where the ceremony and the reception would take place.

I arrived early enough to see Amanda getting her hair done (which turned out amazing!) and while I missed her getting her makeup on, she looked beautiful…very pinup girl glam. I mercilessly snapped pictures (it’s what I do, really) and we got our bride ready for the 10am ceremony.

Aleah, Amanda and me
Aleah, Amanda and me

I was doing good all the way until Randy saw his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time…then I cried like a little baby girl…and pretty much continued to cry at every poignant part of the ceremony. (Kudos to Officiant Eddie for the light-hearted anecdotes during the ceremony so I could collect myself and not cry off every bit of mascara I had applied to carefully before my coffee had set in.)

Following the ceremony, we had the wine and cocktail hour before heading back into the wine cave for the reception. Mr. and Mrs. Piper entered right into their first dance and I’m pretty sure I had some turnabout flashbacks. I mean, there was no ‘NSync playing, but it was close.

I know I danced enough to make my quads hurt so I count that as my workout for the day.

Dancin' it up

I think that the day was everything Ben and Amanda deserve and hoped it to be.

I uploaded all my other photos to shutterfly so anyone (and by anyone I mean Bri) can download faves but it was a wedding-tastic Saturday!

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  1. Love the pics you took! I realized I barely took any…I was too overwhelmed with all the activities…but I knew you’d deliver 🙂

    So glad we got to hang out! One of these days I swear I’m gonna get out to the Boot!

  2. LOVE the pictures, LOVE the day, LOVE YOU! Although, I’m obviously the queen of awkward faces.

    btw, you really should mention who caught the bouquet…just saying…

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